Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I admit - I'm addicted!

I have the fabric bug!  I can't go into a fabric store and get 'just what I need' , like a spool of thread or just fabric for the binding of a current project.  I walk into the store- and the displays, classes and new fabric start to form new projects in my head!  And my willpower is weak -- and I leave with what I went for and a whole new project to add to my stash!  Does this happen to you?

And it doesn't help the addiction, to be the new 2011 President of my local guild either.   But it is so FUN!  Some nights I can't sleep at night, there are so many project 'dancing' in my head to share, start and plan for the monthly guild meetings.  That being said and my confession being complete -- here is what has transformed from those sleepless nights:

This is our guilds "Basket Block of the Month" -- I started right after Christmas to get ahead a little because I want to support all of the Project Leaders in the guild. So this is mine.  I decided to do Christmas baskets and it we will be done in November just in time for it to be completed and decorating my bed for Christmas!
This is our other block of the month - A Woman's Life.  These are my fabric choices.  I tried to find a block that represented a time in a woman's life.  The first block is the Birthday Cake or the See Saw block to represent "Youth".  Some of the others are: A Texas Rose Block or Heart block for "Romance"; the Broken Dishes block for the "Domestic Goddess" in us all.  Also, a Trip to the Alter block for "marriage" and a Memories block for when each of us are looking back over our lives......just to name a few.

This is my fabric choices for the mystery quilt we will be doing.  I wanted a July 4th quilt and the pattern will be great in red, white and blue!  I named the pattern - Windy Wonder.  Clue #1 is cutting all the pieces out. 
Bonus Clue: pinwheels

This is one of those projects that GRABBED me when I went to the fabric store just to get a couple of more reds for the mystery quilt -- Purple and Browns -- the pattern is called 'Reelin'.
This quilt top (not yet sown together yet) is called "Can you see the Stars?"  It was suppose to be finished before the new year started and my responsibilities for guild began.  It will get done one Sunday afternoon when my husband has to work.  Question-- I think there is too many light strips -- maybe another arrangement will  show it more balanced.  What do you think?

Wow!  Now you know what has been going on in my brain lately!!


  1. Maybe I should take up this hobby too! Would you be my professional one on one teacher?

  2. Heather....your xmas baskets are wonderful! I just love baskets! And all the fabric pulls for your upcoming projects look really great!

    I would move some of those lights strips around, too, cuz they seem to be mostly at one end....but the top is great, and yes, you can see the stars! Really nice top!