Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Some Days Just Are. . . .

Why do some days we wake up like little Eeyore?  We feel so discouraged - that is just like Eeyore's dark cloud that follows us everywhere?

Is it the way we eat - too much sugar, too much soda pop? Or not enough fresh veggies and clean water?
Is it a bad dream that sets our souls for dismay, even if we can't remember it?
Is it that our yesterdays were so good that the Universe says it is our turn to have a gloomy one?
Is it too little sleep, not enough personal time or are we coming down with a cold?
Is it too many little negatives -- you spill breakfast on your shirt just as you are ready to leave the house, then your car needs gas and you are running late, and then that car cuts you off on the freeway and with all this -- your hair seems to be having a bad day too!  Nothing goes our way!!

I've never figured it out -- but today Eeyore and I are buddies -- and if we figure out how to get rid of this dark cloud -- will be sure to let you know.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Projects Galore! Quilts, Quilts and more Quilts!

I've got the quilting bug!!  I thought I would share my current projects --- this is only a few of the many in boxes and bags waiting to be started/worked on/ and completed.  If you ask my husband, he is pretty sure I have over 1000 projects in various stages--- hmmm.... he might be right ;)

My eye is on these fabrics for my next project.  I will be the quilt guild president for 2011 and I'm hoping the ladies will want to do a mystery quilt.  I have already chosen a pattern and these will be my fabrics:

This will be my Christmas decoration hanging on my front door.

Now this next project has been in hibernation for over 10 years!!  When I lived in Logan, before I even meet my husband, I was quilting alot with my mother and we went to a quilt retreat and this is the project I chose.  It is so time consuming that the only thing I got done at the retreat was coloring my diagram and cutting the pieces.  Because each block intercedes with the next block and each row gets bigger and bigger it is sewn together piece by piece not block by block.  I hope it will be stunning when it is completed!!   Note:  Daytona (my fur-baby) was very jealous about all the attention he wasn't getting and wanted to be in the picture too!

And last but not least, when we did our renovation on the great-room in our home, I decided to hang some of my past projects in the entry.  I have made many quilts, but rarely used them -- I don't know why.  But with our new decor- they are everywhere -- even on our bed!!  The center quilt was a gift from my mother for Christmas last is appliqued!  Simply Beautiful!!
I love to start new projects, a bit slow to finish, but I hope by the first of the year you will come back and see the finished items!
Wish me luck!

BTW --- I can't be the only one with several projects in the works -- how many do you have?

Monday, November 8, 2010

The Colors Of Autumn

  "October gave a party; the leaves by the hundreds came- The Chestnuts, Oaks, and Maples, and leaves of every name.  The Sunshine spread a carpet, and everything was grand, Miss Weather led the dancing, Professor Wind the band."    --George Cooper

I was lucky enough to see the last of this "October Party" as I was grocery shopping on Saturday.  I love Fall!  The crisp air, shorter days and the glorious color of the leaves.  I get to wear socks and slippers, long sleeves and comfy/cozy sweaters, we get to come in the house, turn up the heat and eat stews, soups and homemade rolls.  This time of year starts to bring everyone inside to spend time together and for me make and create for the holidays.  Did I tell you I love this time of year!?!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Our house is but a small house, but God knows where we live.

This is my favorite place to be.  My Home!!  This is the center of who I really am. 

When we bought this house nearly 7 years ago, it was nothing more than wood, brick and paint.  With time, work and love -- my husband and I have made it our home.  A place to shut out the world, when necessary, and regenerate our batteries for the next day.  What makes a home?  I have found that it is not the size, it is not the location, and it certainly isn't the high dollar cost.  A home is made special by the things we put in it. 

We were able, with a lot of hard work, to redo the floors this past summer, touch up the paint, clean all the corners and get rid of some junk that was cluttering the 'home' we wanted it to be.  I gave away many items that were handed down, purchased and needed to be just thrown away.  We replaced it all with items that I have made, items that that were being kept for some "special occasion" that never came and pictures of happy memories.  Add to that, the  love, kind words and joys our relationship together has grown to be, and you have the recipe that has made this house, our home!
"This is the place that we call home, and we are truly thankful."

Thursday, November 4, 2010

This is me -- a child at the computer.  Trying out a blog in 2010.  Yes, I know, in the computer world, I'm a bit behind the times.

Follow along, if you wish, while I learn, share, quilt, craft and live as Just Me.