Friday, January 7, 2011

Timely Goals

We were very lucky to take a tour this past summer which included the Navuoo Temple.  I have several special memories of this tour and one of them was the temple.  It is the only temple I can recall that has a clock on it.  It has repeatedly come to my mind that I should be thinking about what I do with my time.

With being the first of the year, it easily connects with the setting of new yearly goals. I have thought long and hard about this -- I don't want to set a resolution, I want to achieve a goal!

I've chosen the four basic areas: physical, emotional, spiritual and financial.
It is time that I take control of my physical self - eat less and exercise.
It is time that I consciously take steps to become closer to my Heavenly Father - read daily scriptures.
It is time that I stop spending money like I have more than I actually have - budget.
It is time that I take responsibility for my emotions, not waiting for situations to make me happy- personal time.

I have detailed plans for each area.  It will be difficult, I know.  I work outside of the home and so I have limited evening hours to accomplish these things.  But isn't there a scripture that states -through small acts; great things are accomplished-?

If it is to be; it is up to ME!

What time is it for you?


  1. Boy....I sure love that line....If it is to be; it is up to ME! I needed to hear that right now! Thank you! I have spent a very long time expecting things from others.....harping on them actually.....without ever thinking that I just need to do it myself and maybe they'll join in, or maybe not.....who cares as long as it gets done, right? Because I've spent a very long time being very frustrated about these things, and I'm done with that now! No more frustration! There; I've said it!

    Thanks for the push; I needed it!

  2. I have some goals myself that I hope to keep up with for many years to come. Cleaning and organization and working out a big ones for me. Hard to keep up. Have you heard of Dave Ramsey? He will keep you on track of your finances! :)

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