Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Some Days Just Are. . . .

Why do some days we wake up like little Eeyore?  We feel so discouraged - that is just like Eeyore's dark cloud that follows us everywhere?

Is it the way we eat - too much sugar, too much soda pop? Or not enough fresh veggies and clean water?
Is it a bad dream that sets our souls for dismay, even if we can't remember it?
Is it that our yesterdays were so good that the Universe says it is our turn to have a gloomy one?
Is it too little sleep, not enough personal time or are we coming down with a cold?
Is it too many little negatives -- you spill breakfast on your shirt just as you are ready to leave the house, then your car needs gas and you are running late, and then that car cuts you off on the freeway and with all this -- your hair seems to be having a bad day too!  Nothing goes our way!!

I've never figured it out -- but today Eeyore and I are buddies -- and if we figure out how to get rid of this dark cloud -- will be sure to let you know.


  1. Sounds like you needs to play with fabric and/or pets! Hope the day gets better!


  2. I've had those kind of days--hopefully today is a Pooh day!! Good to see you last night at quilt group--I am very excited for next year. You will be so awesome. Have a great day. Julie

  3. I hope you are feeling back to "normal" real soon! I think we all have those days.