Friday, November 5, 2010

Our house is but a small house, but God knows where we live.

This is my favorite place to be.  My Home!!  This is the center of who I really am. 

When we bought this house nearly 7 years ago, it was nothing more than wood, brick and paint.  With time, work and love -- my husband and I have made it our home.  A place to shut out the world, when necessary, and regenerate our batteries for the next day.  What makes a home?  I have found that it is not the size, it is not the location, and it certainly isn't the high dollar cost.  A home is made special by the things we put in it. 

We were able, with a lot of hard work, to redo the floors this past summer, touch up the paint, clean all the corners and get rid of some junk that was cluttering the 'home' we wanted it to be.  I gave away many items that were handed down, purchased and needed to be just thrown away.  We replaced it all with items that I have made, items that that were being kept for some "special occasion" that never came and pictures of happy memories.  Add to that, the  love, kind words and joys our relationship together has grown to be, and you have the recipe that has made this house, our home!
"This is the place that we call home, and we are truly thankful."


  1. You forgot to show those gorgeous wood floors.

  2. For me, you have a lovely house. Really like the design.

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