Friday, February 4, 2011

In the pursuit of comfort

I use to have a whole closet full of shoes -- beautiful, sexy shoes.    Then I got older......  now I can't walk from my bedroom to the front door in these.  :(
I wear these to Church now.  They are kinda pretty, but sexy they are not!
These are my "once a week" shoes for work.   I don't know why, but they are only comfortable for 1 day.

I work in an office, I usually wear nice jeans or black slacks.  So all of my shoes are black.

These are my alternate daily shoes.   They are comfortable, but again not fancy, beautiful or sexy.

These shapers are my FAVORITE shoes, I live in them and always wear them unless I feel guilty about being too casual at work......and then the shoes above take a 'sidekick' role for a day.

This is comfort!!!

With summer comming ............

I will be seen in something similiar to these.  Nothing between my toes!!! But comfortable.

I'm not really old --- 40 something, but really too close to 50 .......   I was warned that your body would start to 'go' after 40...... But no one warned me I'd have to give up my shoes too!!


  1. Heather--
    I tried on a pair of those shapers from Skechers at Cost-Co. If I would have had an extra 50 bucks they would have come with me. They were so very comfy--I will see if I can find them on sale somewhere.

    I think your shoes and cute--maybe not sexy--but cute!! :) YOU GO GIRL!!!!
    Have a great weekend.

  2. Those sandals make me (and most others) long for better weather. As we get older we have to say who care what others think. COMFORT comes first.

  3. I'm pushing 50 with ya! And my go to shoes are sneakers, and in summer, sandals. I haven't worn heels in so many years! I think I might still have 1 pair 'somewhere'! Back in my 20's, I had to have a toenail permanently removed, cuz the dang pointy toed heels crimped my toes up and messed up the nail! Dang heels! I gave up pointy toed heels then, and went to square toed, or open-toed.

    I think I might need to try those shaper shoes...they sound great! I've had plantar fascyitis (?) for the past year and am sick of it! I had to wear a boot to bed for 6 months straight, and now it's almost healed, but it's still there a little.

    Getting older sucks!