Monday, December 6, 2010

Christmas Warrior!!

I accomplished so much this weekend for Christmas. 
My house is decorated and I'm 80% done with making my gifts.

Here is my 'welcome' on my front door ---

Close -ups ---

I have been trying to do a decorative dish towel for the kitchen for the different seasons.  This is the one I chose for this Christmas.

We have decided that this year and every year following, we will be making a conscious effort to put Christ back into our Christmas.  For the past several years, we have 'catered' to the members of the family that aren't active in any church.  But this year, as the grand-kids are getting older, I feel very strongly that they need to know how we feel and what we believe.  We are having Santa come and bring gifts -- HOWEVER-- he will be telling us a story about why Santa believes in Christ.  I'm praying the evening will be a success and no one is offended.

This simple, but beautiful pewter nativity was a gift from friends a couple of years ago.  It is one of my favorites!!

You can't see the manger in this picture, but it was my husband's mothers and we were able to find a nativity that fits perfectly.  It sits in the entry.

I worry about my tree every year.  My husband and I discuss the size of the tree, (he likes big and bushy and I like tall and thin) what color of lights (I want white and he wants colors) and always the ornaments (he would be happy with red and green every year and I want either a theme tree or different every year).  But since we are having the family party at out house he won the size of the tree and since the tree is pre-lit; we settled on our artificial tree and I went out and bought new ornaments and ribbon garland.  It looks better in real life and with the lights on  -- but I like it.

A few more items to make and then comes the wrapping...............


  1. I love your door hanger and kitchen towel! They are sweet!

    The tree looks great, and next year you get to have the one YOU like! (it's only fair!) Yippee!

    I can't imagine anyone being's what CHRISTmas is all about! I'm not a terribly religious person myself, so we have never been to any of the church services in our town, but I know I would appreciate anything someone did at their would make it very special, I think! You should do what makes you happy on this celebration....and have the meaning that is special FOR YOU!

  2. Love your hand-mades and tree. I hope your party goes well. I am sure it will because you have put much thought and energy into it!! Have a super day. Julie

  3. How special to have the manger for your nativity set. We have scaled back on gift giving and decorating and focusing on Jesus' Birthday. We started an advent book this year as well. :)

    At my next Michael's trip I'll have to look for that "yarn". It does look crocheted. Thanks for the help!

  4. You have been busy. You do such great work.

  5. Welcome to blogland. Looks like you are just getting started. Glad to have you pop by the garden today.

    Here's the link for the Q.A. Scarf that I turned into a bookmarker with a small E hook and sock yarn.

    Yes, there has been some hen out there lately who is being a pest about patterns. And rocked out little world as she went up against Lucy.....

    And we all know she is the Queen....

    Hope to see you back around

  6. Hi Heather, I came over from Julie's blog. :)
    I adore dish towels decorated like that. A friend of mine had a super cute snowman one in her bathroom and I never did ask where she got it or if she made it. She's a quilter, I am a wannabe quilter.

    Christmas is about Christ, I think your idea with the Santa is a good one. I really wish my kids didn't believe in Santa. I told my son last year that he wasn't real and I felt so awful after his bad reaction that I took it back. I know deep down inside he knows the truth (he's 10). Hubby keeps saying Santa brings them the gifts and stocking stuff and I have to keep reminding him that WE give them the gifts, Santa just fills the stockings (I have to compromise somewhere). I also talk to our kids about it being a celebration of Jesus' birth. They both love Jesus and my hope is that Christmas for them becomes more about Christ and less about Santa.

  7. Welcome to blog land Heather. Someday I need to get one going. I love, love the door banner you made. Would you share the name of the pattern company you used? Oh wait, maybe its your own design?